In this powerful half hour, Whitley Strieber ends 2012 by going down a list of all the secrets the government keeps, from UFOs to JFK to 911. And remember Flight 800? Whitley does and he is still asking questions.

This talk is mind opening, often shocking and, when you realize just how much is being kept from us, deeply infuriating. But it does not need to stay this way. Whitley makes the point that we are essentially supporting a vast secret society that is the United States government, and that we cannot be free until we know the truths that are being hidden from us.
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John Alexander and Jim Marrs have one of the most enlightening conversations about UFO secrecy that has ever been recorded. These two highly knowledgeable experts elevate the whole debate to a new level. Why does UFO secrecy exist—if it does? How does the classification system work, and does it hide important secrets about UFOs and aliens, and if so, can those secrets ever be released? And why does the scientific community universally deny the existence of UFOs and aliens?

The first thing that John Alexander would do if he had the power would be to order the end of UFO secrecy. But would that help? His thoughts are fascinating.

You will never have heard a better discussion of these questions anywhere.

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