In this episode, Occult of Personality podcast host Greg Kaminsky joins us to talk about the differences between Eastern and Western esotericism, and how the paranormal may fit into mystiread more

Have you ever met someone who was a genius on the brink of madness? In this riveting detour, Ian returns to tell of his time with a man who showed him that "aliens" might be more closely linked to the occult than outer space. But the more he learned about his friend the more Ian suspected he was crazy. And the more he thought his friend was crazy, the more evidence would present itself that, through the madness, he may have been seeing the more

Our closest cosmic neighbor is also a great cosmic mystery. It has power over us, exerting mysterious influences that have profoundly impacted our history and impacts the lives of every one of us every day. But what is the moon? Is the scientific theory that the moon is the result of a huge impact with Earth by a Mars-sized object billions of years ago correct? If not, then where did it come from?read more