Did the Medieval prophet Nostradamus predict that a comet will crash into the Aegean sea near Greece, with devastating affects, in the year 2004? Two Nostradamus experts disagree.

R.W. Welch writes: “In early August, a faint white speck becomes barely visible in the night sky. With each passing day, it grows rapidly larger and brighter, approaching at several times the velocity of a rifle bullet. It is not a meteoric space rock, but a ball of cosmic dust and ice left over from the formation of the solar system billions of years ago?a comet. By mid-August, it lights up the sky almost like a second sun. While not especially large as comets go, it is getting much too close. It is, in fact, on a collision course with planet Earth.
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John Hogue’s website. Hogueprophecy.com may be temporarily unavailable due to high traffic. He has asked us to post this message prior to his Saturday appearance on Dreamland.

BULLETIN FOR THE WORLD TRADE BOMBING From John Hogue, Nostradamus Scholar. (Sept. 11, 2001)

“A King of Terror will come from the skies”

Nostradamus Century 10, Quatrain 72

Today the speed of events make my words brief and rough hewn in their composition.
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