Whitley Strieber asks Scott Alan Roberts a question: given that human evolution has apparently been interfered with, and some sort of civilization collapsed at the time Gobekli Tepi was buried, what was done to us? Were we harmed or helped by these evolutionary changes? They also discuss the mysterious past of Mars, which will be expanded on next week with Mars expert Dr. John Brandenburg.

The exploration of the past that is unfolding on Dreamland and in our subscriber area is absolutely unique. Don’t miss a single moment of these three weeks of profoundly informative information!
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Fallen angels, an extinct race of giants, ETs–what were the Nephilim of the Bible, and what happened to them. OR, are they still around? The books of Genesis and Enoch tell us that beings called the Watchers descended to Earth, had sex with women and created a race of hybrid offspring called the Nephilim.

But what happened to them? Did they die out, were they killed off…or do they STILL EXIST? Scott Alan Roberts makes a compelling and unique case that informs us about what really happened, who the Nephilim might actually be, and whether or not they still exist–and also, what kind of influence they may have in the world today.

His website is ScottAlanRoberts.com.

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