There is tremendous worldwide sorrow over the loss of the seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle. It’s much greater than the sadness that would attend the loss of a 747 with 350 people aboard.

There is a reason for this, and it is a good one: our astronauts are at the leading edge of human endeavour. They are carefully chosen for their accomplishments, abilities and general excellence. They are the best we have, striding into danger with a smile and a wave. To read the full Journal, click here.

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We are subscribers to NASA Science News. We have just received this e-mail from them. They have said it so very, very well:

“Feb. 4th, 2003: At the dawn of the space age some 40 years ago, we alwaysknew who was orbiting Earth or flying to the Moon. Neil Armstrong, YuriGagarin, John Glenn. They were household names–everywhere.

Lately it’s different. Space flight has become more “routine.” Anotherflight of the shuttle. Another visit to the space station. Who’s onboardthis time? Unless you’re a NASA employee or a serious space enthusiast,you might not know.

Dave Brown, Rick Husband, Laurel Clark, Kalpana Chawla, Michael Anderson,William McCool, and Ilan Ramon
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The proposed 2003 budget for NASA would be $15 billion, $500 million more than in 2002. However, there would be major cutbacks in money for the space station and space exploration and increases in money for the development of nuclear power and propulsion. scale back spending on the international space station and space shuttle but promote the development of nuclear technology in space.

The budget would eliminate all future funds for proposed missions to Europa, a large Jupiter moon that some scientists think may harbor life, and to Pluto, the only planet that remains unvisited by a probe.
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The Solar System Exploration Survey (SSE) Survey will tell NASA how to spend their budget through the year 2013, and let them know what you most want them to explore. NASA wants both groups of scientists and ordinary citizens to use the survey to make know their objectives and desires when it comes to space exploration.
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