A mysterious progressive neurological illness appears to be spreading in two areas along the east coast of the Canadian province of New Brunswick, according to an anonymous source working with the public health authority in the region. Although the condition, called a “Neurological Syndrome of Unknown Cause” by the provincial government, isread more

There is an unassuming village in the South-East of England that may have played host to one of the most intriguing potential alien visitations ever recorded.

Woolpit, in Suffolk, is the setting for an ancient legend dating back to the 12th century, which describes an encounter with two strange beings known as "The Green Children of Woolpit."

According to the myth, residents of the village were shocked when the two green-skinned children, a boy and a girl, appeared mysteriously on the edge of a field in Woolpit and were found by reapers working in the fields at harvest time.
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Mysterious tiles have been turning up all over the U.S. They are size of license plates, embedded in the street and all say the same thing: “Toynbee idea in Kubrick’s 2001, Resurrect dead on planet Jupiter.”

Doug Worgul writes in the Kansas City Star that he first spotted one in his home town in 1996 (and it’s still there today). He did some internet research and found that there have been more than 130 of these “Toynbee tiles” seen in at least 20 cities around the United States (and two in South America). In New York, around 50 tiles have been found, and in Philadelphia, nearly 30. Twenty have been spotted in Baltimore, 16 in Washington, D.C.
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