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Today is the eve of the 50th anniverary of the assassination of JFK.

While we may never know who killed JFK one thing is certain, after all the media coverage of the past few weeks, a lot more people are now motivated to find out who did it than ever before.

“Who killed JFK?” is near the top, if not the top itself, of all the secrets of the US government.

Running neck and neck with the who killed JFK question question of what NASA knows about what’s really on Mars and what happened to our neighboring planet?
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Mike Bara of Ancient Aliens is a self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist.” His first book, "Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA" was a New York Times bestseller in 2007. Here, he describes anomalies on the moon that suggest somebody might have been there in the past…and might be there to this day.

Listen as he describes the wealth of photographic evidence that suggests that there is much more activity on the moon than we are being told. Are we looking at a secret space program, at alien bases, or the remains of long-ago human activity.
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Mike Bara of Ancient Aliens is a self-described “Born Again conspiracy theorist.” His first book, Dark Mission-The Secret History of NASA was a New York Times bestseller in 2007 and his essay “The Occult History of NASA” appears in Secret and Suppressed II. Here, he discusses threats such as that of a massive solar flare and other changes that we might be facing–and how to use the principles of intentional choice to make changes that will help us flourish instead of fade.

Mike’s website is
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Mike Bara, the co-author with Richard Hoagland of Dark Mission, discusses his new interest in the spiritual world after a powerful spiritual experience on December 9, 2009. He discovered that what had happened to him was related to the Mayan Calendar, and he is now exploring the physics of conscious thought and working on a new book about this subject.

This discussion is as much about consciousness as it is about the significance of the physics of spin in drawing higher energies.

What might a pulse of energy coming from the center of the galaxy actually mean, physically? Will it change our world and our lives? Is NASA concerned about it?

Mike Bara’s website is
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