The five key chemical compounds needed to form our biology’s genetic code have been discovered in a group of meteorites that fell to Earth over the course of the last century. This discovery bolsters the theory that the building blocks of life may have arrived from outside of the Earthread more

The discovery of King Tutankhamun’s undisturbed tomb in 1922 revealed a literal treasure trove of archaeological items that offered Egyptologists a rare view into the death of a pharaoh; this came in contrast to the bare tombs of many other members of Egyptian royalty, looted in the millennia since their burial. One of the artifacts found amongst the boy-king’s possessions was a metal dagger, included for his use in the afterlife, that appears to be of extraterrestrial origin.
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The number of large meteors impacting Earth may be on the rise, but nobody’s sure. In 2005, the American Meteor Society instituted a reporting system on their website that enabled members of the public to report bright meteors, otherwise classified as fireballs. Since then the number of reports has risen steadily, but so has usage of the website and the ease of making reports on it. However, there was a significant increase in large events between 2011 and 2012, suggesting that more meteors may be impacting Earth. This would be true if the solar system is entering an area of space where there is more debris. The American Meteor Society says that this finding "warrants further study." read more

An unusually high number of shooting stars, as many as 100 per hour, will be seen in the U.S., Mexico and western Canada on January 3, as the Quadrantids pass over those areas. You can see them starting at 4 am Pacific time (7 am EST).

“The east coast of North America will be in bright morning twilight,” says Robert Lunsford of the International Meteor Organization. “Sky watchers there may miss the very best rates.” The closer you are to the west coast, the better you?ll be able to see them. “This is the best chance for North American observers to see this shower until the year 2009,” Lunsford adds.
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