In the last few hours, a "Deep Impact" style scenario has unfolded in space as a huge asteroid grazed past Earth last night at 27,000mph.

The asteroid passed within 2 million miles of Earth, not exactly a "near miss" but close enough to make scientists sit up and track its progress with more than a passing interest.

The asteroid, known as 2000 EM26, was a chunk of space rock of around 885 feet (270m)in diameter, and was discovered on March 5th 2000.

Our language and literature are so full of metaphors that we rarely notice them–but our BRAIN does. For instance, when a character’s personality is described as "rough" or "smooth," we can relate to what this means because we’ve felt surfaces like this in the past. It turns out that the parietal operculum, the part of the brain that senses texture through touch, is activated whenever we read or hear a sensual metaphor.