It turn out that what causes menopause in women is men. Men have a version of it too, but women are usually the ones with the annoying hot flashes. Although couples often have temperature disputes, for females menopause is part of the "third act" of life. Evolutionary geneticist Rama Singh thinks that menopause is actually an unintended outcome of natural selection. She theorizes that, over time, human males have shown a preference for younger women in selecting mates, stacking the Darwinian deck against continued fertility in older more

Women may crave sweets after menopause because theyre no longer as able to taste sweet foods. Hormonal changes seem to lower the ability to taste sugar. When Dr. Cagri Delilbasi conducted taste tests on 20 postmenopausal women and compared the results to 20 men of similar age, he found that the women were much less sensitive to sugar, but there was no difference when it came salt, sour or bitter tastes. Only 35% of the women said they’d noticed the change, but 45% said they now craved sweets.
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