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Researchers have studied the links between media violence and violent behavior for years without coming to a definite conclusion about this.

Correlating crime data and film release schedules between 1995 and 2004, researchers found that on weekends when violent films were in theaters, the number of assaults in the US increased by about 1,000. In the February 17th edition of the Los Angeles Times, Rebecca Keegan quotes the researchers as saying, "The results emphasize that media exposure affects behavior not only via content, but also because it changes the time spent in alternative activities."

Some of the late Barry Goldwater’s UFO-related correspondence has recently been released, and it makes shocking reading, for a reason that I will detail in a moment. After I read it, though, I found myself thinking about the present state of the UFO mystery, how we have gotten here, and what has been lost.

When Goldwater’s first letters were written, in the late 1960s, it was still possible for respected media to publish UFO stories. It didn’t happen often, even then, but it did happen. Not anymore, and I think that some of Goldwater’s statements, and some things revealed in his letters, tell us why it is that the media and the scientific community absolutely reject the whole subject as nonsense.

After our popular Dreamland interview with Kristina Borjesson, author of ?Into the Buzzsaw? on Saturday night, about how big government and big media are influencing the media, one listener wrote: ?What can we do??

Kristina gives this answer: ?Do not feel helpless. There are things you can do that won’t swallow up your time or money.