If Osama bin Laden is killed, he becomes a martyr to the Wahhabite cause. If he is imprisoned, his supporters will be inspired to take hostages to gain his release.

This will work:

Special forces units should capture him, take him to the nearest willing hospital, and have a sex change operation performed on him. The ‘she’ can be returned to Afghanistan to live as a woman under the Taliban.

Thanks to D. Rose

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It is likely that Osama bin Laden’s hideout has been located. A complex game of cat-and-mouse is being played out in world media as well as on the ground in Afghanistan. For some days, it has been believed that Osama bin Laden was in a tunnel complex dug in northeastern Afghanistan, in the Ourzugan area. To further this belief, the Taliban sent truckloads of provisions to the town between the 15th and 20th of September.

British SAS forces operating in Afghanistan became convinced at one point that bin Laden was in Jalalabad, to the point that they almost assaulted the sites where they believed he was hiding.
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