Note: Leslie Kean?s story has been picked up by 7 other newspapers across the country. She will talk with us on Dreamland May 19 about how hard it has been to get this story, and her story last May about the French COMETA report on UFO’s that was published in the Boston Globe, placed in mainstream media. Terry Hansen, author of ?The Missing Times,? talked about this problem with us on Dreamland May 12.
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Boston Globe – Study by French officials, routine unexplained sightings, US military safety aspects combine to boost believers

By Leslie Kean, 5/21/2000

Last month’s release of the first detailed satellite images of Area 51, the top-secret US Air Force test site in Nevada, prompted a Web site meltdown as people from across the nation logged on in search of clues about unidentified flying objects.

”The interest has been really phenomenal,” said David Mountain, marketing director for Aerial Images Inc., which posted the high-resolution photographs of Area 51 on the Internet.
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