Australia is switching from beef to save the climate – Switching from beef to kangaroo burgers could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, since the methane produced by cow flatulence is one of the main causes of climate change.

One problem is that while Australian native foods are a hit with international tourists, locals are far less enthused about eating kangaroo, emu and crocodile meat. When it comes to kangaroo burgers, BBC News quotes researcher George Wilson as saying, “It tastes excellent, not unlike venison?only a different flavor.” At least he didn?t claim it tastes like chicken!

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It may behard tobelieve but it’s true: kangaroo–er, "emissions"–may save us from global warming.

Fox News reports that flatulent kangaroos could save the planet: Australian scientists are trying to figure out how toisolate and transfer kangaroos’ digestive bacteria to otherspecies, such as cows, since kangaroo emissions containalmost none of the dangerous greenhouse gas methane. One ofthe main sources of methane in the gas passed from thedigestive tracts of millions ofcows, sheep,pigs and humans.
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