John Hogue has been predicting for years that supervolcanoes were more restless than scientists believe, and now the prestigious scientific Journal Nature Geoscience has published a new discovery about these immense volcanic systems: they can explode suddenly, without cause and without warning.

What does John think about this? Is it something that should concern us? And how is it that he has been intuiting this very thing for so many years, long before the discovery was made?
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John Hogue returns for his 10th anniversary Dreamland predictions special, and he’s looking for 2014 to be a year of enormous change. Listen as he tells Whitley and Anne Strieber his predictions for the year. And Anne Strieber has a prediction of her own, a surprising one about advances in drone technology and where they may lead.
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Using his astrological knowledge and predictive skills, John Hogue tells–and warns–us that the next 18 months will be among the most important periods in human history, with fundamental changes taking place that will persist for generations.

What could those changes be? And can he prove any of this? He has a good record of solid predictions under his belt, but has he now gone too far. Listen–carefully–and decide for yourself!

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John Hogue uses his prophetic and analytical skills to talk about the growing danger of radiation from Fukushima, then Whitley asks him about details of his track record, which is unusually accurate. One example he cites is that he profiled the Boston Bombers as white supremacists. Seemingly a major miss, until it was revealed that the bombers were from the Caucasus, thus ethnic Caucasians, and not only that, one of them had white supremacist literature in his apartment!read more