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Last April, John Hogue predicted the widening war in the Ukraine and the beginning of a new cold war. Those predictions have proved to be startlingly and frighteningly accurate, so what does he see now? And what was the "grand cross" that he discussed in April, and how has it affected our world? John is in a period of extraordinary prophetic accuracy. Don’t miss this vitally important discussion.

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Next week, Linda Moulton Howe will present a devastating report on Fukushima and what happened to some US naval personnel who got too close to the accident site. This week, John Hogue has a surprisingly accurate warning about the actual dangers being faced because of the plant’s meltdown. Bearing in mind that John’s prophecy was recorded before Linda’s report, this is startling.

Then he and Whitley and Anne Strieber talk about the danger of earthquakes along the Pacific Coast–again, the show was recorded 2 weeks before the current quake swarm started.

A prophet at work, up close and personal. Highly unusual material.
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When he was last with us, John Hogue promised to return with his 2014 Prediction. He has and they are intense. Whitley Strieber comments, "When John told me that he thought 2014 would be a lot like 1914 when World War One started, I thought that he was overstating the case. But as the weeks have passed, we have seen a situation develop in the Ukraine that’s very much like what was happening in the Balkans during the first half of 1914. Then, in July, the Archduke Franz-Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo. Nobody expected a world war to come out of that event, but it did. The parallels between the Ukraine of 2014 and the Balkans of 1914 are disturbing."
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