Catherine Austin Fitts, Linda Moulton Howe, Jeremy Vaeni, Jim Marrs, Peter Levenda and Joseph Farrell tell us their expectations for the future in this two-week special edition of Dreamland.

In this 90 minute special, six of our frequent guests discuss their expectations for the new year and the future that lies beyond. Catherine Austin Fitts and Jim Marrs offer very different takes on the economy, Peter Levenda discusses the legacy of the Nazis as it has developed in the middle east, Joseph Farrell discusses the chilling power of the black budget, and Jeremy Vaeni reveals some exciting plans.

This is Dreamland at its best. Don’t miss a single moment of this amazing show!

You can reach our guests at their websites:
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This Christmas-New Year’s Special will run for two weeks.

You may know Bill Birnes as a UFO Hunter. What you may not know is his extensive background in abnormal psychology. Given what he knows about psychology and the human brain, how does he receive testimony from someone like last week’s guest "Lindsay," who says that anti-depressants stopped her paranormal experiences and yet she believes they are not manifestations of her brain? Knowing what he knows, why does he believe in paranormal/visitor phenomena when so many psychologists and neurologists do not? And then, in a conversational twist, we’ll find out if deeply disturbed people such as serial killers and mass murderers report these types of phenomena in their lives.
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If ancient medicine can invite in the paranormal, can modern medicine block it out? Yes, says our guest "Lindsay" who has had her chronic sleep paralysis and nightly out of body experiences disappear as a side effect of taking antidepressants. A neurologist might hold this up as proof that the paranormal is all in our heads. But what does the experiencer herself actually think about her experiences now?
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