Mysterious electrical fires and magnetic effects caused so much concern in Sicily in 2004 that the Italian government initiated an investigation which concluded in 2007 that an unknown magnetic effect had caused them. Now, strangeness has returned to Sicily, but this time it seems that digital clocks in Catania keep jumping ahead (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), to the point that residents have had to turn to old-fashioned wind-up timepieces to be sure of getting the correct time.
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It happened seven years ago in Italy, and now it happened in Texas in May: An unusual electrical storm took place in Fort Worth on May 9, during which transformers exploded all over the city, but, as can be seen on the video, there were no lightning strikes. Star-Telegram columnist Bob Ray Sanders reported in the newspaper that he had seen lighting strikes, but that this wasn’t lightning. He saw fire in the sky and on the ground, and likened the event to a bombing more

Italy has its own version of terrorist attacks: theCuccina (kitchen) bomber, who puts his bombs in food. His latestattack was discovered when a jar of Nutella (a chocolate nutspread popular in Europe) exploded in a kitchen in Venice.

When Pamela Martinello unscrewed the lid on a new jar ofNutella, she heard a ticking sound and ran away just beforeit exploded. This has been going on for 2 years now, and thepolice are still baffled.

In November 2000, a woman who lives near Venice bought atube of mayonnaise (which often comes in a tube, rather thana jar, in Europe) that was unusually heavy and hard. Itturned out to be wired with explosives.
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