The erosion of the shoreline of Alaska’s Sarichef Island from rising sea levels has prompted the residents of the island’s village of Shishmaref to decide to relocate, before their traditional island home is overcome by the sea.

Home to 650 Inupiat Inuit, Sarichef Island lies in the Chukchi Sea, just north of the Bering Strait, and like the rest of Alaska, is warming twice as fast as the contiguous states. Shishmaref is one of 31 Alaskan villages that are in danger from erosion and flooding, according to the US Government Accountability Office.
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The Inuit people of Greenland eat mainly polar bears, seals and whales. While this may seem too high fat for us, they actually have one of the healthiest diets on the planet. However, man-made toxins are building up in these animals, which when eaten can cause reduced fertility, genetic damage and deformities in children, so the Inuit may have to switch to a more Western diet. This will be a shame, because the Inuit’s traditional diet protects them from modern diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Twenty-five years ago diabetes didn’t exist in Greenland, while today there are three times as many diabetics there as in Denmark. Dr. Jens more