Were you planning to go to the mall on Halloween? But not now, because a certain letter has appeared in your e-mail inbox, and you’re afraid?

If so, you’ve been frightened by what the FBI says is just the latest in a series of internet rumors.

Maybe these rumors are part of a plot to spread yet more terror, but more likely they’re the work of malicious individuals.

This latest example appears to have been originally sent by an employee of Volt Information Services in Orange, California. The employee, Laura Katsis, seems to have sent the letter to 15 friends. Since then, it has spread like a prairie fire across the internet.
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There’s the letter you’re supposed to get from the Klingerman Foundation. In it will be a little piece of foam, damp with deadly biological agents.

Not. It’s an old urban legend that was first discovered in April of 2000, resuscitated by vicious pranksters to make our lives just a little more miserable in this scary time. Or, just maybe, it’s psychological warfare perpetrated by terrorists.

Or, how about the picture above? Did you get it in your E-mail? It’s a hoax, of course. The jet is coming from the wrong direction, for one thing. For another, the plane is clearly a digital insert into the photo.

Or the story of the rescue worker who got a cellphone call from her husband trapped in the rubble beneath her feet. Never happened.
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