This week, William Henry interviews one of the world?s mostunusual people,Nicholas Devere, the author ofThe DragonLegacy, which explains and reveals the nature of dragonsymbolism, and traces its origins and the origins of theGrail bloodline deep into prehistory.

Nicholas is uniquely qualified to do this work. As aproponent and scholar of magic he is unrivalled. He is theoriginal magical prince; the rightful king of witches. Asone of the few documented members of this bloodline in theworld, he is uniquely qualified to understand some of thedeepest human secrets, and reveal them to us. Learn moreabout Dreamlandhere.

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The experts who broke the Nazi’s secret codes are trying to decipher the mysterious 10-letter inscription D.O.U.O.S.V.A.V.V.M. on an 18th-century monument at an English country estate. Legends say it reveals the location of the Holy Grail.

Jill Lawless writes that former British World War II code-breakers met at Bletchley Park, where the letters are carved on a marble monument hidden away in the garden. Mathematician Oliver Lawn says, “The inscription is obviously a classical reference. It’s either Latin or Greek and based on some historical happening.”
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This is a painting of Mary Magdalene created by the Rennaisance painter Caravaggio in 1595. It shows her wearing the white of purity and the green of fertility. The cup embossed on her skirt symbolizes the fact that the painting is meant to represent her as being pregnant with the child of Jesus. This remarkable ancient secret belief was discussed with Realm of the Ring Lords author Laurence Gardner on the February 16, 2002 Dreamland.

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