Following an abnormally warm spring, the Arctic has lost a record amount of ice for the month of June,  from both sea surface ice and glaciers in Greenland. On June 12, parts of Greenland saw temperatures rise up to 40°F (22°C) above normal, but not before the sea ice extentread more

Researchers with NASA’s Operation IceBridge aerial polar ice survey have discovered the presence of large meltwater pools and raging rivers across the surface of a number of Greenland’s major glaciers, a “concerning” development due to the early melt of Arctic ice in the season. Typically, this level of ice meltread more

New studies investigating the ice found at the planet’s polar regions are reporting that a precarious situation appears to be unfolding at the ends of the Earth, with the increased melting of both sea and glacial ice in the Arctic Ocean, Greenland, and even the supposedly-stable glaciers of East Antarctica.
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