Kevin J. Briggs is a man on a mission to do no less than facilitate a contact moment at the United Nations sometime in 2020. But why does he think he will succeed in getting the visitors to appear when so many others have tried and failed to do this?read more

In an Ohio gas station, a strange blue cloud was caught on security cameras as it floated around customers and even rested on a car window for half an hour before it suddenly sped away. Local 6 News reports that, despite the groups of people who are now making a sort of pilgrimage to the station, it has not returned. To see the ghost for yourself, click here.

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The Japanese company SolidAlliance has developed a ghostdetector called the GhostRader that plugs into yourcomputer. It beeps and flashes red lights in response tounusual magnetic waves. Ghost hunters often come acrossunusual cold areas in haunted houses, and the GhostRaderalso detects this. The device will soon be on sale in theU.S. for around $185.

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Ghost hunting? Maybe it’s easier to trust your intuition.Anne Strieber’s wonderful interview with psychic SoniaChoquette is still available tosubscribers!

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A new $75,000 security system installed in the Kent County,Maryland courthouse caught images of a strange light”walking” in one stairwell. Security officer Phillip Pricesays, “It didn’t show up to the eye, but it showed up ontape.” But it may be a bug splat on the camera lens.

After noticing the light on the camera, Price investigatedpersonally, but didn’t see anything. But downstairs, whileemployees watched, the video monitor showed the light movingahead of Price, stopping when he stopped and starting whenhe started. Price says, “I felt a real chill, I will tellyou that.”
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