The Royal Air Force in the UK has announced that they will publish their archive of UFO reports online sometime in the first quarter of 2020. This follows a series of releases made by the Ministry of Defence, with the last of the 2,500 pages—formerly classified as “SECRET”—released to theread more

The actions of a quick thinking cyber security expert may have saved untold thousands of computers around the world from infection from the ransomware known as "WannaCry", a form of malware that crippled hundreds of thousands of computer systems around the world when it was launched on Friday. Cyber-security experts are warning that the attack could rear its ugly head once again, and Microsoft has issued a stern warning against nation-state spy agencies that would hoard such computer vulnerabilities, rather than reporting them to the appropriate vendors so that they can be rectified, rather than being turned into crippling weapons of mass extortion.

The Internet: a vast, planet-spanning network of fiber optic cable and computer servers, connecting untold billions of computer systems across the globe. One important aspect of the ‘Net that tends to remain unseen for the majority of us is that the backbone of this massive network is handled by only a handful of multinational corporations, facilitating upper-tier net access for major providers around the world. If the network of any one of these companies were to fail, it would be disastrous for global communications, blocking access to millions of netizens and businesses. If more than one were to be disrupted at once, for instance in a coordinated cyberattack, the consequences would be catastrophic — and it appears that someone is learning how to do just that.