The home of “Planet Alert” astrologer Mahala is beingthreatened by one of the wildfires burning at this time inthe Pacific Northwest. In the past week, there have beenover a hundred requests for firefighter support in theregion. The two largest fires, the Tripod Complex and theColumbia Complex, are in Washington State. The ColumbiaComplex fire has destroyed over a hundred and fifty squaremiles of fields and forests. The Tripod group of fires hasbured a fantastic 260 square miles of wilderness area.Cooler temperatures have somewhat reduced the fires, but 15%of firefighters are leaving due to school starting. Mahalasays, “I need your help. There is a huge wild firethreatening our cabin andmany more

Firefighters now think they will have to spend the entire summer fighting the Colorado wildfire that?s heading towards Denver. So far, it?s burned 100,000 acres of national forest and several suburbs.

It?s going to be a long, hot summer for firefighters. The U.S. Forest Service says the size of the fire means that crews will have to remain well into July just to contain it and that it will take at least 3 months to extinguish it. At least the strong winds that fueled the fire in its early stages have finally started to die down. Helicopters have poured 2,000 gallons of water on burning areas so far.
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