In Venice, Italy, gondolas are getting stuck on the dry bedsof the canals. Hotel docks are dangling in mid air. What?sgoing on here? Venice is drying up!

Venice, which usually has a few feet ofwater on the ground at high tide, has dried out due to lackof rainfall in the area. Rightnow, gondolas can onlytravel on the Grand Canal, Venice’s largest and deepest.

The irony is that a gigantic engineering project is plannedfor Venice that will help prevent the annual floods thatarrive every year in the autumn, when tourists end upwading, rather than walking, around the city.

To read about the Venice engineering project to preventfloods, clickhere and here.
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There is a serious risk that the river Seine will burst its banks in Paris and surrounding areas sometime this winter. Areas of central Paris on both sides of the river could be submerged. The last time this happened was during the great flood of 1910.

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