Why has Greenland’s major glacier doubled the speed of its melt in the last 15 years, causing ocean levels to rise? We need to figure this out before we all drown.

We don’t yet understand ice sheets and glaciers well enough to make precise predictions about how and where their melting will affect the earth. And even if all greenhouse gas emissions stopped today, sea levels would continue to rise.
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The downpour that struck Bombay (Mumbai) on Tuesday has leftat least 500 people dead and possibly many more. Parts ofthe state of Maharashtra received 37 inches of rain over avery short time, and Bombay received 26 inches. It was arecord rainfall for India, and one of the great deluges ofhistory.

Today at least 15 people were killed when false stories of adam burst caused a stampede.

Over the past two days, many parts of the crippled city havebeen under three to five feet of water, and damage to theinfrastructure is extensive. Nobody yet knows how manypeople have died in the catastrophe, and this will not beknown until the waters recede and city services can be restored.
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Eve Conant writes in Newsweek that underwater explorer Robert Ballard is investigating the legend of Noah’s ark. Many historians think the worldwide flood legends originated about 7,500 years ago at the end of the ice age, when the Aegean Sea flowed into the Black Sea with incredible force, raising the water level of the Black Sea six inches a day.

Ballard, who discover the location of the sunken Titanic in 1985, has designed a remote-controlled submarine named Hercules, which can search for signs of ancient flood human civilization deep beneath the Black Sea.
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