After a lull in December and January, UFO reports have been increasing dramatically, according to George Filer’s UFO report, Filer’s Files.

But are UFOs real? The US Air Force says they can all be explained away. The media generally ignores them or publishes silly season stories about them. The skeptical community claims that no professional observer has ever had an unambiguous UFO sighting.

However, astronauts like Gordon Cooper, NASA engineers of the stature of the late Paul Hill and many other skilled professionals have seen UFOs and believe that they are a genuine unknown. In fact, the government’s refusal to acknowledge them is a coverup, and the media’s excessive skepticism represents a major failure of the press as an institution.
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On October 13, 2000 at approximately 7:30 PM a group of lights streaked across the Midwest, appearing first over northwest Texas, and ultimately being sighted from Oklahoma to Nebraska and as far east as Illinois.

On October 18, NASA issued a statement that the objects were the remains of a Russian Proton rocket that had been fired earlier that day had re-entered the atmosphere and broken up. In an unexpected development, US Space Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command both said that no such object had entered the atmosphere at that time.

Then, on October 29, NASA announced that the remains of the rocket had been found on a farm near LaCrosse, Kansas. This appeared to close the case, as Whitleysworld reported on October 30.
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The meteor that crossed the Midwest on the night of October 13 was almost certainly the re-entering remains of a Russian Proton Rocket, as originally claimed by NASA a few days after the incident.

A La Crosse, Kansas farmer has found the battered remains of the rocket on his farm. This was apparently the source of the story of the UFO descending in Hammond County, OK. In reality, the descent took place many miles to the north. It is possible that NORAD claimed that they had not tracked the object for security reasons.

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On September 8, 2000, NASA Shuttle Mission STS-106 joined the numerous shuttle missions that have videotaped or photographed UFOs. The UFO involved appeared in mission video that was recorded from the ground, but has been edited out of subsequent copies provided by NASA.

There may have been audio transmissions concerning the object as well, but the audio refers to “ET” which may mean something else, such as “External Tank.” Normally, an unknown craft would have been referred to as a “bogey.” Of course, it could be that UFOs have become so common on shuttle missions that they are no longer uknowns and are assumed by astronauts to be of extraterrestrial origin. No other known transmission from the shuttle refer to the external tanks in this way.
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