Joshua Cutchin is a bold and thoughtful author, and he joins Mike to explore UFO contact and its strange connection to a long list of of seemingly unrelated experiences—things like remote viewing, shamanic journeys, OBEs, NDEs, the faerie realm, bigfoot and death.  Is an ancient folklore still alive today, welling upread more

In many places throughout the world some old traditions hold steadfast, with Ireland being no exception to this phenomenon: Irish Teachta Dála (Member of Parliament) Danny Healy-Rae says that a persistent dip in a road running through his constituency in County Kerry is being caused by the presence of nearby "fairy forts", an arrangement of standing stones that, according to tradition, is associaread more

A research team from Tsukuba University in Japan has announced their development of an apparatus that is capable of projecting open-air holograms that are safe for humans to interact with.

While the practice of modern holography was invented in 1962, the holograms produced were imprinted on clear glass or plastic sheets, and required the viewer to look through that medium to view the holographic image itself. Open-air holography methods using fast-pulsing lasers have been developed in recent years, but the images themselves were hazardous, as the plasma generated in the air to produce the image was hot enough to burn human skin.
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