While everyone is worrying about energy costs and the greenhouse gases produced by power plants, it turns out that the average American is using LESS than energy than before. The reason? The country’s population shift to the more moderate and warm climates of the American West and Southwest. Turning on the air conditioner for part of the year uses less energy than heating the house over a long winter (improved insulation in new construction probably has something to do with this too). Is this what some of those mysterious messages have been about?
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Wind turbines may soon seem hopelessly old-fashioned, since researchers have now found a way to generate electricity from the waves in the ocean. Now if the world’s major cities, many of which are situated on ocean coastlines, can stay dry enough to survive, they will be able to have plenty of water AND power far into the future!

The WaveRoller, which is being developed in Finland, is a device made of fiberglass and steel plates which is planted on the bottom of the ocean. The back-and-forth motion of the waves drives a piston that creates hydraulic pressure, which eventually produces electricity. In C/Net News, Michael Kanellos quotes inventor Tuomo Hyysalo as saying, “It is like building a bridge.”

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Echo Bodine is one of our most popular guests. She talks to Anne Strieber about her latest book, Hands that Heal. She tells a wise and wonderful story about how we all have healing powers that we do not believe in and do not use, and shows us how to verify them and make good use of the positive energy that flows within us. AND she does a healing on Anne! A beautiful program. Echo’s website is echobodine.com.read more

Raymon Grace has discovered phenomenal new powers in dowsing. Learn what they are and how to use them.A whole new energy is on offer to people who tap the earth’s spirit in this way. He has learned to heal, he has learned to change events at a distance, to affect the future and the past, to infuse water with new powers. Listen as he tells Anne just how he does it, and how you can do it, too!read more