It happened seven years ago in Italy, and now it happened in Texas in May: An unusual electrical storm took place in Fort Worth on May 9, during which transformers exploded all over the city, but, as can be seen on the video, there were no lightning strikes. Star-Telegram columnist Bob Ray Sanders reported in the newspaper that he had seen lighting strikes, but that this wasn’t lightning. He saw fire in the sky and on the ground, and likened the event to a bombing more

For two years, residents of a suburb in Victoria, British Columbia, have had garage doors open by themselves, sprinklers that come when they’re not supposed to and radios that play several stations at once. VCRs and TV sets go on spontaneously and one person?s brass bed got warm. Chris Burke says his electrically-controlled bed has been folding up at night. “The legs start to come up and the head starts to come up,” Burke says. “That’s pretty scary when you are in the middle of a sleep.”

The Canadian government has appointed a retired university professor to investigate the strange electrical phenomena that began after two 200-foot transmitting towers went up 50 feet from a suburban neighborhood, without consulting with the local government.
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