It’s been a shaky 2014 so far across America, with a series of fairly major earthquakes rocking several regions of the continent from North to South.

As Californians were gently shaken from their slumber this morning by a 2.7 magnitude earthquake just after 5:21 AM PST today, we ask whether the "Big One" is looming.

This tremor follows the previous shake-ups that Californians suffered last month, when a chain of seismic events and aftershocks registering up to 5.1 magnitude reminded residents that they live atop some of the world’s most volatile faults, and caused many to stock up on supplies in preparation for the massive earthquakes that geologists have been predicting for some years.
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A tsunami warning was issued for Fiji and NewZealand after an 7.8 quake struck the area. The quaketook place at a shallow depth in the Tonga region of theFiji Islands and is classified as a “great” earthquake.Reportsto Unknowncountry from Tonga indicate little local effect,and the tsunami warning was cancelled two hours after beinginstituted.The quakestruck at 4:26 AM local time, 8:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time.The epicenter was 1,340 miles north northeast of Auckland,New Zealand. and Dreamland depend on subscriptions, not advertising. You can keep the website going if you subscribe today.

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