Linda Moulton Howe and I have been deeply involved in the mystery of the “Drones,” the first pictures of which appeared on the Coast to Coast AM website in May. Subsequently, Linda interviewed “Sylvia” on Dreamland and got pictures from “Mr Smith” in Birmingham, Alabama. She also spoke extensively to him, as she did to “Chad,” and is convinced of their honesty.

Throughout the process, I have obtained analysis of the pictures offered, with little success because of the generally low resolution and the proliferation of effects programs more sophisticated than Photoshop that can make virtually undetectable inclusions in still images.
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First, a bizarre “drone” was seen by at least one witness and possibly photographed on a number of occasions, and now another strange craft has been spotted, leading to the question: are new forms of UFO appearing in our skies?

At 12:30AM on May 28, a number of people in Chilliwack, British Columbia, which is about 70 miles east of Vancouver, observed a strange white object with dark, straight nose-to-tail markings on it circling overhead. The object glowed, but made no sound. It was not recognizable as an airplane by the witnesses.
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Super-clear photos of a bizarre UFO have caused aninternational sensation, and now CGI experts are showingjust how perfect fakes can be, but so far there is noevidence at all that the ‘Chad’ photos posted on Flikr, andthe ‘Alabama’ photo posted on are fakes.Headers on the Chadphotos indicate that theywere taken with a Konica Minolta DiMAGE X at an ISO Speed of100 and a resolution of 72dpi on May 6 at 5:43 PM. Inaddition, Linda Moulton Howe leads offDreamland today with a convincing interview with a witnesswho saw the ‘drone’ two years ago. So the evidencestill favors the original photos being real. BUT the drone is now beingreproduced perfectly using CGI more

At first, the super-clear pictures and the suggestion thatone of the ‘wings’ on this odd craft had Klingon letters onit made seasoned UFO observers assume that it was a prank.But now additional photographs being received fromindependent sources by Dreamland science reporter LindaMoulton Howe suggest that it may not be a hoax. Or do they?Read on…

The original photographs were submitted by an individual whowishes only to be known as “Chad,” and now additionalphotographs have been taken by (allegedly) another anonymous individual in Lake Tahoe, CA. Both witnesses describe a low hum associated with the otherwise silent craft, and Chad also describes a crackling sound.
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