Wild dogs that live in southern cypress swamps and are called Carolina Dogs or “yaller dogs,” may be descended from the first dogs to live in North America, according to I. Lehr Brisbin. He studies the world’s remaining wild, ancient dogs, such as the Australian dingo, which may have come to Australia along with the original human inhabitants thousands of years ago. When he noticed a wild dog that had been captured and put in the dog pound near his home in South Carolina, he thought, “You look like a dingo. I wonder how many of you other guys are out there that look like dingos?” He found a number of these animals living in secluded areas far from humans or domestic dogs.read more

When your dog barks, he may be trying to tell you something.Scientists now think that dogs use different barks tocommunicate different ideas and can even count. (Theycertainly know the word “walk” when they hear it).
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