Steve Bassett, executive director of the Paradigm Research Group, says that he thinks that President Barack Obama will disclose what the United States government knows about the UFO phenomenon by the end of 2016.

Bassett, speaking in an interview with the Express newspaper in the U.K., appears to be basing this on the media coverage surrounding Hillary Clinton’s interest in investigating what the government knows about the phenomenon, and that Obama may want to get the jump on Clinton to become the "disclosure president". The Paradigm Research Group is the only registered lobby group with the U.S. government that is pushing for disclosure on UFOs, and Bassett feels that their efforts are about to bear fruit.
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Hillary Clinton is hedging her bets regarding UFO disclosure, saying that if there are national security issues involved, she won’t be able to proceed after she enters office.

We know for certain that Jimmy Carter promised to tell all prior to entering office, then refused to do so. More recently, he has refused even answer questions about the matter.

Laurence Rockefeller was a passing acquaintance of mine, and we once had a discussion about what happened when he attempted to confront Bill Clinton with the question. Clinton replied, simply, that he couldn’t discuss it.
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Hillary Clinton has told a questioner that she will "get to the bottom" of the UFO controversy. Her friend and adviser John Podesta said in a tweet last February that it was not only time for disclosure, but that "it’s the law." In September, George H.W. Bush said that "Americans can’t handle the truth." In 1988, when questioned about the matter, he commented that he was "very careful in public when dealing with classified information."
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Whitley Strieber has published a new journal entry detailing his thoughts about a possible process of disclosure that could take another step when 18 policy documents covering events in Rendlesham Forest in December of 1980 are released next March by the British Ministry of Defense. Whitley states his belief that the documents may contain speculation that what witnesses have been claiming for years is true: that the lights and strange structures seen in the forest may have been under intelligent more