Tom DeLonge has said that he will conduct a disclosure event on May 16. But what does disclosure actually mean, and, in a larger sense, what are the visitors anyway, and would disclosure even be about aliens from another planet? Tom refused to interview on Dreamland, so Whitley explores the ideas in his book Gods, Men and War, and what they mean in the context of his own experience of living with the visitors in his life.

Don’t assume that you know what this is about. It is a very unexpected journey into a new vision of mankind and what we call aliens. It goes beyond the usual notions that aliens are creatures from another planet and that there were interventions from other worlds in the past that have formed humanity and human life and, in a sense, imprisoned more

Over the past few years, there have been at least a dozen people who have suggested that disclosure is coming. In February of 2016, Presidential Adviser John Podesta tweeted that his greatest regret on leaving his White House post was that he had not gotten President Obama to do this. Now, according to Tom DeLonge, there is supposed to be a disclosure event on May 16.

He does have some inside knowledge. I know this because of some contacts he has attempted. So maybe something real will happen. I say maybe. I have no way to tell for sure.
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Is disclosure finally coming? We know what Hillary Clinton has said and John Podesta has tweeted, that an effort will be made to find out what’s going on behind the scenes. But Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected and Donald Trump hasn’t mentioned the issue. Is that because it’s unimportant to him, or is it, perhaps, a condition of getting elected that one not disclose?
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