David Sereda is back to tell us of his latest findings about the Giza Plateau and quantum entanglement. Two objects that are quantum-entangled communicate with one another in an unknown, instantaneous manner that Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance.’ It has recently been discovered that this doesn’t just apply to subatomic particles. Two diamonds have been entangled, and not only that, they weren’t brought together at all, but rather encoded with identical vibrations.

This implies the possible existence of a powerful new tool, and here David Sereda makes the leap that the structures on the Giza Plateau might actually BE such a tool, capable of connecting us to distant parts of the universe in a whole new way.
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The scientific community has been amazed to discover that there are changes taking place in the nuclear decay rate in particles being emitted from the depths of the sun. This is an unprecedented change, and David Sereda here discusses what we are likely to experience as this process continues. The increase of energy involved, which started in 2006, will affect everything on earth, including the human body and the human mind. Scientists believe that it is happening because the solar system has entered an area of the galaxy that is affecting our sun–and us–in ways that we have never seen before. Could the "cosmic sap" predicted by the Mayans to enter the world in 2012 be a "cosmic sub-atomic particle?" Listen and find out!
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For our subscribers, David Sereda goes beyond the relationship between sun and earth, and tells us how collective meditation can actually MOVE solar energies and alter the relationship between the sun and the earth. He shares discoveries about how the sun affects the human mind and the human soul, and how to respond! Over more than 30 years of consistent meditation, he has become extremely sensitive to the way the human brain and body react to the electromagnetic environment in which we live.

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Experiments prove that thought changes quantum measurement. But does it go further? Is the universe itself conscious, as Max Planck and Albert Einstein thought? How has this idea, which was central to the early history of quantum physics, become fringe science? Why have we been catastrophically disempowered, and how can we reestablish our connection with earth and the universe?

Listen as William Henry interviews David Sereda about the bone-chilling reasons that we turned away from this reality and began, as a society, to live the lie that the universe is a vast, unconscious desert, perhaps sprinkled with intelligent life and perhaps not.

How do we recover from our disastrous journey into materialism, and regain our power as part of a living universe?
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