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What is it for? And why can’t we see it? – For the first time, astronomers believe that they have discovered evidence of dark matter existing in halos around galaxies. Dark matter has been theorized, but never directly detected before. However, images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope suggest the presence of the elusive material around distant galaxies?in fact, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered a strong new line of evidence that galaxies (including ours) are EMBEDDED in halos of dark matter.
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We’ve been taught that all matter is composed of tiny building blocks called atoms. Now imagine if this wasn’t true. This is the research astronomers are pursuing as they try to figure out what “dark matter” is.

Theoretical physicist Howard Baer says, “Recent scientific breakthroughs have shown that most of the matter in the universe?about four-fifths?is not made up of atoms, but of something else, called ‘dark matter.’ The evidence for dark matter is now overwhelming, and the…amount of dark matter is becoming precisely known.”
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Dark matter is a mystery, but some things about it are known. It?s an invisible form of matter whose total mass in the universe is more than five times that of “normal” matter (atoms). Astronomers think that our universe is made up of around 70% dark energy or dark matter, so it’s important to understand it.

A lot of new information about dark energy has come from NASA?s Hubble telescope. An international team of astronomers has created the first three-dimensional map of the distribution of dark matter in the universe. But they still don?t know exactly what it is.
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