Huge oil reserves have been discovered in the waters that surround Cuba. Income from this unexpected windfall could tip the balance of the Cuban economy from Communist to capitalist and give us a great non-Middle Eastern place to buy oil (as long as we drop our Cold War era sanctions against that country). However, off-shore drilling could ALSO be another disaster for Florida beaches, if there is a BP-type oil spill.
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Last November, Unknowncountry reported on a possible pyramid in Bosnia, and now Semir Osmanagic, the Bosnian archaeologist involved in unearthing it, has found geometrically carved slabs that suggest that the pyramid is indeed manmade.

Osmanagic spent 15 years studying the pyramids of Mexico and Central America, which are all “step” pyramids, and he believes that the Bosnian pyramid was built that way too. His former investigations were the reason he realized, when he saw the 2,000 foot high hill outside the small town of Visoko, that it could be a pyramid. Many of the Mexican pyramids were in this overgrown condition before the gigantic cities of ancient cultures there began to be rediscovered in the late 19th century.
read more has translated a story from the Juventud Rebelde newspaper in Cuba about ancient stone tools that have been unearthed there. They could be relicts from the culture that built the pyramids that are now sunken off the coast of Cuba.

A group of amateur archeologists found stone tools that are exceptionally large and include large axes, cutting tools, arrow heads and enormous spears. Cuban scientists think they date from the Paleolithic age of the first human populations. Previously, based on earlier archeological finds, Cuba was thought to have first been inhabited 10,000 years ago.

Researcher Ramiro Ram

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One reason we’re not getting more information about what looks like a Cuban underwater city is that for Paul Weinzweig and his wife Paulina Zelitsky of Advanced Digital Communications (ADC), exploring it is only a sideline?the company has been hired to hunt for shipwrecks filled with gold and jewels, and to find oil and natural gas reserves. Images revealed by their underwater robot submarine include massive stones arranged in symmetrical squares and pyramid shapes. Smooth, white stones on the ocean floor 2,000 feet beneath the surface are laid out in a geometric pattern. These artifacts can be found over nearly eight square miles off Cuba’s western tip. “Nature couldn’t have built anything so symmetrical,” says Weinzweig. “This isn’t natural, but we don’t know what it is.”
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