What may be the most magnificent crop circle ever formed was discovered in the English county of Wiltshire on August 13. The formation is nine hundred feet across and consists of a flawlessly rendered Julia set of masterful design.

Crop Circle researchers are in awe of the formation, which consists of at least four hundred separate circles, all of perfect design. Seasoned researcher Stuart Dike said, “I have been into probably nearly a thousand different crop circles spanning 11 years, but this formation ranks as one of the most awe-inspiring masterpieces I have had the pleasure to experience.”
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Tonight on Dreamland, there will be a one-hour Linda Moulton Howe extra on the story just in of Dutch Crop Circle researchers witnessing the formation of a crop circle. This is the first time that researchers have observed this phenomenon up close and in daylight.

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From Linda Moulton Howe:

On August 1, 2001, Robert Boerman, crop circle researcher and producer of the Dutch crop circle website, received a report of a new formation in Stadskanaal shaped like a scorpion with a tail made up of 8 circles. This was the second formation in the 2001 season discovered in Stadskanaal. Boerman and his nephew, Jan Willem Bobbink, went to the farm owned by J. A. Adams to measure and sample the plants. Jan Willem used dowsing rods to determine energy ley lines. He drew a black and white diagram of the ?scorpion.? Boerman and Bobbink thought the formation was at least a week old at the time and concluded it first emerged around July 24, 2001.
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Crop circles are appearing during the 2001 season with as much frequency as before, despite the predictions of skeptics that this season would be a sparse one. The fact that a crop circle hoaxer was arrested for trespassing and mischief after last year’s season, and the restrictions on movement in rural areas due to the Foot-and-Mouth epidemic, caused many researchers to predict that there would be few formations during this year’s season.

However, this has proved not to be the case. In May and June of 2000, there were approximately 33 formations reported. This year during the same period, 29 have been reported, according to the database at Cropcircleresearch.com.
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