On the January 26 Dreamland show, Andy Thomas, Swirled News webmaster, and Gary Val Tenuta talk about the latest media debunking of crop circles.

On the website Swirled News, Carol Pedersen describes how a National Geographic television special shown in the U.S. debunked crop circles. When she confronted the producers about the show, they denied all knowledge of it, despite the fact that they?d broadcast it.

She says, ?I don?t know which people behind the scenes were responsible for putting it out, but it was only two days after October 31st and whoever did it chose and prepared a ?Halloween? set for the purpose of perpetrating mischief and deception.?
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Dreamland science reporter Linda Howe gave a report about the most spectacular crop circles of the 2001 season on our October 27 show and has the details on her website, Earthfiles.com.
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Lucy Pringle’s new 2002 Crop Circle Calendar is on its way and will be shipping soon! It offers an unforgettable collection of crop circle masterpieces selected by one of the field’s most respected resarchers. The calendar is 24.50+S/H. To order, click here or call 1-800-898-0284 M-F 9-5 Pacific time.

Everybody who got the 2001 calendar knows what a beautiful production this is. Lucy has been researching and photographing the circles for years, and her expertise and knowledge are evident on every single page.

The calendar includes the now-famous 2000 Chilbolton Fractal that appeared in the 2001 Chilbolton ‘Arecibo’ Glyph in the place where the radio telescope was pictured in the original 1975 Arecibo broadcast.
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How has foot-and-mouth disease, which closed off access to the English countryside for much of the summer, affected the number of crop circles that have appeared this year?

According to BBC News, the numbers have increased dramatically.

Wiltshire farmer Tim Carson had only one new circle appear on his land this year, until restrictions were lifted a month ago. ?I had a phone call to ask if the footpaths were open round our way,? he says. ?I said ?Yes,? and that night a crop circle appeared. Read into that what you will.? He adds, ?We had one circle during the restrictions and then the footpaths were reopened and we have had six since then.?
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