While some scientists search desperately for a new fuel to use in cars and power plants that will free us from dependence on Middle Eastern oil while producing fewer emissions, other researchers are trying to find ways to use a fuel we have PLENTY of right here at home: coal.

More than half of the electricity produced in the United States comes from coal, but it bring pollution with it. Our demand for electricity expected to double by 2050?can “dirty” coal be used cleanly?
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The US is facing an environmental disaster because we have too much coal. Although most of our power plants run on coal, burning it releases carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, so this will have to stop soon. The question is: what else can we use?

LiveScience.com reports that, Ernest Moniz, who is one of the world’s experts on global warming, says the US has to stop building coal-fired power plants and should bulldoze older generators that don’t capture and bury greenhouse gases. But 159 coal-fired power plants are scheduled to be built in the next decade, which will generate power for 96 million homes.

New Scientist quotes Moniz as saying that we have mountains of cheap coal that is “going to be used.”
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