A U.S. couple hopes to become parents of the world’s firstcloned human. They plan to fly to a secret destination to bepart of a cloning experiment. The couple, a high schoolteacher and sales representative, say they’ve turned tocloning in desperation, after everything else has failed.

Bill, who is in his mid 50s, says, “If we could clone achild this would be our own child. We don’t really regardthis as cloning…We are a religious people and have searcheddeep into ourselves about this…We think this is somethingthat should only be done for infertile couples.”

They will join five other couples for secret experiments ledby fertility expert Dr. Panos Zavos. The process will be thesame as the one used to clone Dolly the sheep.
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Chinese scientists have created dozens of cloned embryos advanced enough to harvest embryonic stem cells. Their intention is not to copy human beings, but create genetically matched cells to make tissues for transplant patients and for research. One group of researchers claims to have derived stem cells from hybrid embryos composed of a mixture of human cells and rabbit eggs.

This is not the first report of human cloning experiments. In 1998, researchers from South Korea claimed to have grown a cloned embryo to the four cell stage before destroying it. And Clonaid, a company set up by a UFO group, also claims to be making advances.
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