Climate warming is changing the habits of bugs and butterflies, according to scientists. There is evidence that some butterflies are adapting to a warmer climate by adopting new habitats, according to Chris Thomas of the British Association Science Festival in Glasgow. ?A range of species which used to be solely in the south east are expanding north,? he says.

A butterfly called the silver-spotted skipper, previously confined to sunny south-facing slopes, is now able to move to new areas as the temperature gets warmer. In the last 20 years it has expanded its range and developed a 10-20% increase in muscle mass, so that it can fly farther.
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An invasion of army worms is turning lawns throughout the Northeast a sickly brown. Experts are baffled, and can only guess that the source of the infestation was the winds of Tropical Storm Allison.

?People are calling and saying that they went away on Friday and that when they came back on Monday the lawn was gone, except for the bits of clover,? says Karen Bernhard, assistant horticulturist and entomologist with the extension office in Lebanon County, PA. ?They haven’t been this bad in the Northeast in over 25 years,? says John Buechner, director of technical services for Lawn Doctor. ?We’re finding them from central Pennsylvania up through Boston.?
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The tiny South Pacific nation of Tuvalu faces being submerged by rising sea levels. The Tuvaluan Government is considering abandoning the islands its people have lived on for thousands of years, believing the nation will be uninhabitable within decades. They have pleaded with Australia and New Zealand to help resettle its 11,000 citizens, but so far these countries have refused to accept them as refugees.
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Anne Strieber speaks out on global warming. If you’re feeling guilty about it or think it isn’t happening, this will be food for thought. Did you know that it isn’t our fault–not entirely–but rather part of an identified natural cycle that has been going on for millions of years? No? Well, read on, for some down to earth thoughts about what’s really happening and what we can actually do about it.

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