…and the ocean isn’t helping anymore – The West is experiencing global warming due to the greenhouse gasses spewed out by cars and power plants. Less developed countries are heating up because they are PAVING OVER so much of their greenery as they modernize. Meanwhile the Atlantic Ocean, which is one of the main places that excess greenhouse gases are absorbed, are sucking in less CO2 than they used to?and nobody knows why.
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The whole world is warming up, and one of the major reasons for this is the melting of glaciers at both ends of the earth. And sea levels are rising: a nearly ice-free Arctic Ocean in the summer may happen three times sooner than scientists have estimated, causing major coastal cities to drown.

New research says the Arctic might lose most of its ice cover in summer in as few as 30 years instead of the end of the century. The amount of the Arctic Ocean covered by ice at the end of summer by then could be only about 620,000 square miles. That?s compared to today?s ice extent of 2.8 million square miles. There?s a good side to this: so much more open water could be a boon for shipping and for extracting minerals and oil from the seabed.
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Climate change is actually forcing Italy and Switzerland to alter the border between their two countries, because so many of the glaciers in the area are melting. Who knows what will be revealed by this next?
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What will it mean? Ask your local lake! – Four degrees Celsius is the equivalent of 7.2degrees Fahrenheit, and this is the amount that the earth is projected to warm up in the future. It seems like a small change, but it could have major repercussions.

In New Scientist, Gaia Vince writes: “Alligators basking offthe English coast; a vast Brazilian desert; the mythical lostcities of Saigon, New Orleans, Venice and Mumbai; and 90% of humanity vanished. Welcome to the world warmed by 4

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