Christopher Knowles is an author, blogger, comic book artist… and synchromystic! He talks about his recent work of fiction, He Will Live Up In The Sky. This is a mystery thrill ride about UFOs, renegade intelligence organizations, psychics, and our rampant conspiracy culture. The plot of the book mirrors today’s unsettlingread more

2010 is a year filled with symbolism and significance, both real and bogus. The internet is full of warnings and stories, but which ones are true and which have genuine meaning?

Christopher Knowles has a profound understanding of what might be real and what is bogus. He asks the questions: how much of the symbolism is conscious, how much is false, how much is intentional misdirection.

Listen to this enlightening exploration of the language and meaning of the symbols that are appearing all around us, and gain a real understanding of the way the world is changing.

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