Dreamland this week starts with a reading of Anne Strieber’s first new diary in many months, which was inspired by the show. Then Cherylee Black, a guest new to Dreamland, joins us to tell about her remarkable life as a verified psychokinetic who has been tested in Duke University’s Rhine Lab and by Dr. Michael Persinger and is the source of what is now known as Black Effect Psychokinetics. She is also responsible for the single most beautiful and inspiring Anne Strieber contact in what is now a long literature of such events. She has also had numerous near death experiences which she describes for us.

Joining her is Dr. Jeffrey Kripal, Whitley’s co-author on Super Natural and most recently the Flip, about how life altering events such as near-death experiences revise our understanding of the world.

No description can do justice to this warm, joyous and empowering show, or to the lovely ending where Whitley describes a brain-bending experience with a huge web that appeared around him a few weeks ago, and led to a simultaneous vision of ALL of his past lives at the same time, and of his own future departure from this one. Cherylee’s gentle wisdom, subtly involved with Anne’s, leads him down this path right on the show.

You will not have heard anything like this before. Period. Or maybe ever again. Double period. You will never forget the story of how Cherylee came to draw the portrait of Anne below–without ever having seen her or even knowing who she was! It is one of the most moving and powerful stories of contact between the living and those passed on ever recorded.read more