Most of the time, it’s human mistakes that cause auto accidents?take away the human driver and car crashes will be a thing of the past. This seems obvious, so why did the Pentagon sponsor a race to find the best self-propelled car?

The Independent report that the military sponsored an actually NASCAR-style race, in which driverless cars raced around a 132 mile race course in the Mojave desert, competing for a huge monetary prize. The competing scientists created cars that could navigate through tunnels, roar over lake beds and up the sides of mountains, unbothered by rocks in the road (just like 4 wheel drive cars do in TV ads, but can’t do in real life).
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The next time a big white truck or SUV cuts off your Mini, you can exult in this discovery: a new study shows that birds prefer to drop their poop on white cars, because they associate that color with predators.

UK researcher Charles West, who surveyed 2,000 car owners, also found that dark blue and black the cars are the least likely to be bombarded by birds.

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Want to learn how to protect yourself from more than just birds? Learn the secrets of alchemy from this extraordinary DVD.
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Volvo has a new concept car designed especially for women. It has changeable seat pads, in different colors and patterns, tons of storage, and a hood that doesn’t open.

Jorn Madslien writes in that the car, which is now on display at the Geneva auto show in Switzerland, was designed by a team of women. “The car is shown with a light yellow, embroidered seat pad, maybe for the more elegant occasion,” says Maria Widell Christiansen. “Then in winter you might chose a woolen seat pad, maybe in a strong cozy color, or you may go for the lighter, more Scandinavian looking one.”
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