A mysterious pinging sound has been reported over the past year coming from the waters of Fury and Hecla Strait in Canada’s Nunavut territory. The sound, apparently readily detectable by sonar equipment, is being blamed for a sudden scarcity of marine wildlife, normally-abundant in the channel that runs between the western end of Baffin Island and the mainland.
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A combination of industrial pollution and climate-change-driven oxygen loss is turning the great Canadian lakes into jelly, according to new research by Cambridge University scientists published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

A "battle of the plankton" between two competing species, Holopedium and the planktonic Daphnia, has been taking place in the delicate ecosystem of the lakes; however, calcium depletion in the lakes is making survival difficult for Daphnia, which require the mineral to form a vital component of their exoskeleton defending them from predators, and consequently populations of Holopedium have doubled since the 1980s. Without the presence of Daphnia, algae is multiplying and providing an unlimited food source for its competitor.read more

With a total population of around 35 million people spread across a massive area of 9,984,670 km², (3,511,003 sq miles) Canada is one of the least populated countries on earth. In many parts, it is wild, remote and uncharted.

Could this be one of the factors that has recently turned it into a UFO hotspot?

Numbers of UFO sightings in Canada have soared to dizzy heights over the past couple of years, with figures reaching a record high in 2012. Almost 2000 reports were made during that year, though UFOlogy Research director Chris Rutkowski suggested that this peak could have been related to the "end of the world" predictions that prevailed in 2012, inspired by the end of the Mayan calendar.
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UFO sightings in Canada neared a record high in 2011, of almost 1,000 sightings, at a rate of almost three per day. If it was happening here, would it be reported?

The July 24th edition of the Sun News reports that most of them were reported in Ontario, with British Columbia and Alberta coming in second and third.

Witnesses reported lights in the sky, spheres and boomerangs.
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