The Quake to Make Los Angeles a Radioactive Dead Zone Thanks to CommonDreams. Nothing significant has been done to improve safety at two coastal reactors upwind of ten million people that are surrounded by earthquake faults in a tsunami zone like the one where the four Fukushima reactors have alreadyread more

California is on fire again, with massive wildfires devouring hundreds of thousands of acres in separate regions at both ends of the state. The largest, the Camp Fire, has burned over 100,000 acres in Butte County since it initially started on November 8, killing 26 people and destroying over 6,700 buildings. The Woolsey and Hill Fires in Los Angeles and Ventura counties have consumed nearly 75,000 acres between the two conflagrations, leaving two known dead so far. President Donald more

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a formal agreement between his state and the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec, linking the three regions’ carbon-emission markets. The deal, going into effect on January 1, creates the largest carbon market in North America: Ontario and Quebec are Canada’s largest provinces, with Ontario being the country’s most populous, and California itself represents the world’s sixth largest economy.
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